Peter Moreno

I am so enthusiastic to share my experiences with energy healing, it is being a great discovery in my life. I started when I was 24 years old, before this I was mainly focusing in IT & Software development. Now my life has taken a different colour with more possibilities and miracles coming into my life due to use and sharing of Pranic Healing.

My first healing was reducing pain on my father, he was having migraine. I was so surprise that only with the basic level I was able to help other people with physical pain, I guess something very deep resonated inside me with this discovery and my spiritual life unfolded after this experience.

Today I organize as a trainer basic Pranic Healing classes in Brussels, actually I am ready to do it in any City in Belgium. So please do not doubt a second to contact me if you would like a demonstration or to be part of any of the workshops.

About Master Choa Kok Sui I can say that his example has touched me deeply, to observe and read his work is so fascinating to me. I invite you to have your own experience reading his books and letting this teaching transform your life for the better.

Enjoy your life with energy awareness,