Master Choa Kok Sui

Master Choa Kok Sui – a Chinese-Filipino scientist and chemical engineer – is the Founder and Originator of modern Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga®.

Coming from a scientific background Master Choa Kok Sui spent more than 20 years with research, experiments and clairvoyant investigations to develop and refine the Pranic Healing® system. He studied various forms of healing, meditation, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, reiki and shamanism to synthesize the essence of energy healing. In this way the art of healing has become accessible to everyone.

Master Choa not only conceived the comprehensive techniques designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, he also originated new, never before used terms to thoroughly clarify the concepts he devised. He formulated an easy to learn, user friendly system, so simple that even new students can rapidly learn to heal simple ailments, enabling them to produce immediate positive results that contribute to good health and well-being. Pranic Healing is now being successfully used in various hospitals, schools and universities in America, India and the Philippines.

Through Master Choa’s teachings his students are able to create more balance in their lives and to maintain greater success and harmony, as he guides them through the enormous range of possibilities regarding the application of Prana, or vital life energy to nearly every aspect of life.

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For those seekers on the spiritual path Master Choa developed a system of practices – Arhatic Yoga® –  that leads to greater soul (or self) realization. This synthesis of various yogic practices (from many traditions) introduces the spiritual disciple to methods devised to safely accelerate spiritual growth. It is nonsectarian and meant as an enhancement to the understanding of any individual willing to accept the existence of a Higher Being or a God. These powerful techniques use ancient technology in original and creative combinations in order to activate and align the chakras and to awaken the kundalini energy or the “sacred fire.”

Master Choa Kok Sui setup the “Institute for Inner Studies” in the Philippines and “The World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc.” in India and for 20 years virtually traveled non-stop, personally instructing students on 6 continents.

Before his passing on March 19, 2007, Master Choa published more than 20 books, some of which have been published in 37 languages and read in over 80 countries worldwide and saw more than 100 Pranic Healing Centers established. The philanthropic arm of the organization, the MCKS Charitable Foundation runs feeding programs in various countries, funds medical assistance for poor patients and contributes to disaster relief where needed.

"Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of nature that most people are not aware of. Miracles do not break the laws of nature, they are actually based on them."

- Master Choa Kok Sui