Mausam Meghani

The purpose of ‘transform your life’ is to offer courses that are designed to help you achieve your goals in the areas of wellbeing, health, prosperity and spirituality. These courses are developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS) and are simple yet extremely effective. They utilise the inner powers of healing, focus and intuition; and it is remarkable what we can be achieved if we connect with what lies within.

‘Transform Your Life’ is run by Mausam Mathura-Meghani and Keshen Mathura. Mausam was introduced to Pranic Healing when her brother offered to heal her sprained ankle she had from playing tennis. At first skeptical, the experience was eye-opening and it changed the way she looked at things forever.

Mausam is a certified Pranic Healing instructor and is licensed to teach in the Netherlands and Belgium. She is known to be thorough and meticulous in her healings and workshops. She has organised and taught both in India and the Netherlands, and has gained experience teaching people from different belief systems, different faiths and vastly different cultures. She has had the privilege of learning from Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS), and attend spiritual retreats lead by GMCKS.

Mausam holds two Masters degrees in Finance and has worked with top Finance companies and banks for almost 11 years. She loves painting and music.

• How did you get started with Pranic Healing
My introduction to Pranic Healing was through my brother. While playing tennis one Saturday evening I had fallen down and hurt my ankle. With no doctors available that late, my brother offered to try something he had recently learnt in a workshop – Pranic Healing. Apprehensive at first, I decided to give it a shot and to my surprise it worked – the pain was lesser and so was the swelling. I took the workshop a week later, and there was no looking back for me.

• How did Pranic Healing change your life
Pranic Healing has given me the amazing gift of “awareness” – the awareness of energy and how our daily life is so closely connected to the amount of energy and the kind of energy we have. I use the techniques in my daily life for things like fever, ear infections, tiredness, stomach infections, stress to name a few.

• Most miraculous experience in Pranic Healing
I had terrible uterus cramps one day in office. My doctor was travelling and took some time to diagnosis what it was over the phone. As soon as he did, my brother applied Pranic Healing techniques to relieve the pain even before I could get my hands on the medicine. To my surprise 6 hours of absolutely excrutiating pain was gone in just 15 minutes. It is the most miraculous experience I’ve had with Pranic Healing.

• Job and or personal history next to Pranic Healing.
I’ve studied and worked in Finance pretty much my whole life. I have two Masters degrees, and 13 years of work experience within equity and mutual fund research and risk management. Currently, I run my own consulting firm called M3 Consulting. I love the arts – I regularly paint (at the moment Acrylic on canvas) and when I sing I feel most in touch with myself.