Mausam Meghani

My journey started in 1999 in Mumbai, India. With very little background or seeming interest in spirituality or healing, I was introduced to Pranic Healing when my brother (who had newly done the workshop) offered to try it out on the sprained ankle I had from playing tennis. Much to my amazement, the pain went away in minutes and the swelling came down so much, it looked like nothing had happened. I took the Pranic Healing class the first opportunity I got.

Doing the two-day workshop changed the way I viewed so many things around me. 1999 was incidentally also the year I returned after studying abroad and got my first job as a research analyst in an investment bank. I was thrilled, but realised quickly that the long working hours and stressful environment around me did take a toll. And without realising it, I had started using Pranic healing techniques I had learnt in the workshop. Doing self-healing for stress and fatigue, regularly practising the meditation to create a sense of inner balance – it all came handy! Slowly some my friends at work noticed a change in me and did the workshop too. We developed some amazing friendships along the way, and some still to this date.

In the process though I realised, I had a natural tendency to want to share with those around me. I think unknowingly, I was already laying down the first steps towards becoming an instructor, which eventually I did in 2004. During this process, I met Master Choa and over the years had many opportunities to take workshops and attend spiritual retreats with him. Those are still to date some of my most cherished memories.

I moved to the Netherlands in 2006, and have continued my wonderful journey within Pranic Healing and spirituality. I run regular healing clinics and meditation groups in Amsterdam and Buitenveldert and give regular workshops in English. I wish to share my personal experiences as a example that ‘healing and spirituality’ enhances the quality of whatever life we are leading, and that its not meant to replace our lifestyles choices. And for me……it has brought a tremendous sense of balance in my life – my family life (wife and mother to a beautiful 5 yr old boy), my professional life (I’ve recently started my own finance consultancy), and my life as a Pranic Healer.