Pranic Healing Level 1 Training 11 & 12 september 2021

An abundance of healthy life energy or prana will lead to a healthy life…
Have you ever wondered how energy can heal your body, heart and mind? Do you feel that there is more to your hands than simply meets the eye? Come to our class and find out more about how you can heal your life using prana and be of service to your loved ones as well. As the great scientist Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe think in energy”

What you will learn:

– Get an understanding of the energetic anatomy and the functions of the major energy centers or chakras.
– Learn the first steps of energetic diagnostics or “scanning” by activating the hands to feel areas of imbalance (congestion and depletion) in yourself and others.
– Learn cleansing techniques to remove congested or diseased energy from the energetic body and chakras.
– Learn energizing techniques to recharge and draw in prana to energize yourself and others.
– Learn how to protect yourself energetically, prevent energy drainage and contamination from others and from your environment.
– Improve and purify yourself through character building.
– Experience the benefits of breath and meditation.
– Use Divine Healing – prayer and invocation for powerful healing.
– Understand Distant Healing – how it is done and why it works.
– Get started with Self Healing – ways to manage your energy, stress and prevent / alleviate ailments

Cost: € 305.00 – incl. btw
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