Full Moon Meditation

The moon and its rhythm have a big influence on our lives. Whenever there is a full moon, sun and moon are positioned opposite of each other, at that moment planet earth is positioned exactly in between. It is in this moment that the sun’s energy, the primary source of energy for life on earth, does not experience any hindrance. It is such a powerful moment because we receive both the reflection of moon and sun energy at the same time. The moon influences the tides of the oceans and seas. During the full moon we can fully connect to the water within ourselves, as 70% of our body is made up of water, and turn our attention inward to let internal processes unfold more easily.

We tend to keep habits and patterns in our lives in the darkness, but -just like with the full moon- once we shine a light upon them, they become clear, visible and identifiable. This is when we start to experience transformation from the inside out. Old and persistent patterns start to change. When blocked energy can start to flow freely again, you start to deepen your connection to your heart and your qualities.

A sacred time of the month to come together and meditate. The evening will begin with a lecture on the theme of the month, followed by a special meditation guided by one of the Senior Instructors of Pranic Healing in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Theme for the full moon

15 Augustus | Foundersday

Tickets and registration: www.pranicvivek.nl

Where: Nassaukerk,
When: 20:00 – 22:00
How much: €15




source: Deborah Quibell


“The twelve full moons in a year form twelve Spiritual Festivals. Each is uniquely conditioned by the combination of astrological energies flowing through the cosmos”

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